Medicine Wheel

con Amber Ryan

workshop di danza 5Ritmi di livello Waves

Roma • tbc • 2019
(le iscrizioni per questo workshop non sono ancora aperte)



In this elemental 5Rhythms experience we will explore the teachings and medicine that is alive within each of these states of being. We will do this through the gateway of the body. In community, we will practice to embody and discover which of the rhythms are thriving within us, and become aware of the energies which we are lying dormant. We do this to know where our practice lies. And throught practice we trengthen our human tool kit to bring more fullness into our lives.

In the Dance, we move to unlock tension, to clear our channel of stagnant energy, and to open into an enlivened, instinctual, creative wellspring. During this weekend, we will move to embrace the light we bring as well as the shadows that dwell within in order to integrate and unify body, mind and soul. This is true power.

We will weave the sacred with the mundane to create a potent medicine wheel which we will offer to ourselves, the community, and beyond.

Questo seminario è adatto sia a principianti sia a danzatori con anni di esperienza. Le ore di questo seminario sono valide come prerequisito per il Teacher Training Programme.


AMBER RYAN · Boulder (Usa)

Amber is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher. She is a movement catalyst who delivers us into the heart and soul of our own beat. With roots in theatre, dance, and the healing art of 5Rhythms®, she skillfully holds space for the spectrum of the human soul to be experienced and expressed. Her leadership invites uniqueness in community, and her guidance leads us on the path to greater freedom. Amber has guided ecstatic spaces at Burning Man, Envision Festival, Wanderlust, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and a zillion 5Rhythms® dance floors across the globe. She is on Omega Institute’s annual staff in Costa Rica, founder of Kids in Motion Nosara as well as The Sacred Arts Space, which creates events that deepen the connection to soul and elevate the human spirit. Amber leads workshops and retreats around the globe and has recently relocated to Boulder from NYC.


Istituto Pio IX

Via di Santa Prisca 8

Roma, Zona Aventino

Metro B – Circo Massimo


venerdì • Tbc
20.00 | 22.30

sabato • Tbc
11.00 | 18.00

domenica • Tbc
11.00 | 17.00



Sono consigliati vestiti comodi. Dato che si fa molta attività fisica è raccomandabile portare con sè abiti di ricambio. Da non dimenticare l’acqua!




  • €150 entro il Tbc ( Early Bird)
  • €190


  • €20 entro il Tbc (ingresso Early Bird)
  • €25

• disponibilità di sconti per studenti, madri singole, over 65 e disoccupati.


Attenzione: le iscrizioni per questo workshop non sono ancora aperte.


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